Saturday, August 27, 2005

Antojitos Guerrero

I walked into Antojitos Guerrero (5623 York Blvd.) and asked the very nice woman behind the counter what the house specialty was. She pointed to a dish called Birria De Chivo. When I saw that this was a dish made with goat meat, i politely asked the woman what the 2nd best house specialty was. She suggested that they make the Birria De Chivo with beef. "sounds good! " I said. (You see, I'll never be a real food critic..goat meat ? that sounds fucking disgusting.)

Antojitos Guerrero is a family run, Mexican restaurant specializing in food from the state of Guerrero in Mexico. Guerrero is in the south where it's tropical and fertile unlike the desert-like conditions of Northern Mexico. The resort town of Acapulco is on the coast of Guerrero.

Along with the Birria, I also ordered the pork ribs. And just in case I made a grave error in coming here, I asked for a side of Pupusas. I somewhat knew what to expect with a pupusa, if all else went wrong. But, alas, The Birria was delicious. It was the most tender portion of beef chuck in a delcious marinade. The tender beef was falling apart on my fork as I put it into a homemade torilla, added a handleful of fresh cilantro and onion and then topped it off with a little hot sauce. Wow. I will be coming back again for this. This place has raised the bar for me with respect to Mexican food. The pork ribs were equally good. They were cooked in a spicy red mole sauce. Another dish which is supposed to be delicious is the Barbacoa De Rez which I did not try, but I will be back again.

Note, they only make the Birria and Barbacoa on the weekends and they accept cash only. I dare you to try the goat meat.


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