Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Firefly Bistro

Just behind the charming intersection in South Pasadena, where the train tracks cross Mission Street, lies a delightful restaurant called Firefly Bistro (1009 El Centro Street). When we arrived, I felt like I was at a wedding, as the dining area was outside in a white tent. And in the evening candlelight, it was the perfect setting for a romantic dinner.

It was scorcher of a day in South Pasadena, so I was in the mood for a nice, cool gazpacho soup. My wife started her meal with the fried green tomatos which were REALLY amazing. I was jealous and I had to threaten her with physical violence to let me have a bite. I also tried a Firefly martini which had a frozen grape in it. For entrees, we tried the Grilled Harris Ranch NY Steak and the Sweet Corn Ravioli, both of which were excellent. The food was magnificent! In fact, I don't have a single complaint with this restaurant. This place is top notch and South Pasadena could use a few more restaurants that are just as good.

Firefly Bistro is also worth a drive from the West side. The neighborhood is wonderful. For a truly small town experience, take a stroll along Mission Street after dinner, try the homemade ice cream from Buster's Ice Cream Stop and then explore the amazing selection of indie movies at Videotheque. You'll feel like you're thousands of miles from Los Angeles.


At 5:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next time, try the desserts at Firefly Bistro--the housemade ice creams tailored to the various desserts are way better than the Fosselman's served at Buster's


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