Tuesday, August 30, 2005

La Luna Negra

We were actually on our way to have a couple pints of Pedigree at Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena, when we chanced upon La Luna Negra (44 W. Green Street), a tapas place just off Old Town Pasadena's main drag. We had been to Bar Celona (another Old Town tapas restaurant) before, but had not known about this place. My wife commented immediately that La Luna Negra looked like the kind of tapas place you might find in London. We easily abandoned our quest for English ale, and decided to get a table for two and load up on some small plates!

La Luna Negra is one big room with a bar on one side and makeshift stage on the other. It was early and there wasn't a lot of people, but I could imagine that if the room were full, it would ooze with a lively festiveness. We each ordered a Sangria. It was good, though the Sangria at Bar Celona is much better. It's hard to not compare this place with Bar Celona, as it is only a brief walk from here. And unfortunately for this place, Bar Celona is better when it comes to the food. We ordered four small plates and somehow ended up with a lot of meat on all of them. The filet skewers were the best. Nothing was bad, it's just not as good the nearby Bar Celona. The atmosphere is definitely more laid back and casual here though. Great place for a large group or afterwork gathering.

My wife grew up in London where there plenty of tapas restaurants and it seems like the U.S. has only just started catching up in the last few years. There's a new tapas joint popping up every month. And hey, don't get me wrong, Bar Celona is pretty avergage. For the best tapas in Los Angeles, my vote is for Cobras and Matadors.


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