Friday, September 02, 2005

Smitty's Grill

For the finest prime steaks in Pasadena, nothing beats the The Arroyo Chop House. But if you don't feel like paying through the nose, you can try the reasonably priced Smitty's Grill (110 S. Lake Ave.), the Arroyo's sister restaurant, which serves up some real good comfort food along with the usual steaks and chops.

Smitty's is laid out exactly like The Arroyo Chop House. It's one big room with a bar on one end and a second level of booths on the other end. Getting a booth along the wall is a choice location. You can sit and get a view of the whole place while you chow down. The service is great and the atmosphere is lively. In fact, I much prefer the energy of Smitty's over The Arroyo Chop House.

Last night, we started out with some cocktails. I ordered a Maker's Mark Old Fashioned and the bartender showered it with bitters. I was primed for some serious red meat after a few of those. The mixed green salads were adequate and the entrees were reliable. I had a petite filet with a baked potato while my lady friend enjoyed a homecooked chicken pot pie. We have been here a couple of times and we'll be sure to come back again.

whereas the Arroyo Chop House is for special occasions, Smitty's is for those weeknight's out when you get a craving for a steak.


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