Saturday, September 03, 2005

Brits Fish and Chips

Today, we were in the mood for some real, authentic fish and chips. We priced getting on a plane to London, cab fare to our favorite "chippy", plus a modest hotel room for one night. It came about to about $5870.34. We then opted to just go to a place called Brits Fish and Chips (1770 E Colorado Blvd.) in Pasadena since we heard they do old-fashioned, London 'chip-shop', fish 'n chips.

We were a bit disheartened when we arrived. The dining room looked like a senior citizen community center. We were the youngest people there. We quickly walked into the bar, but it was even worse. It looked like bar, but it felt like a vacuum cleaner store. We were in serious trouble. Our options were few. We could go to Lucky Baldwin's (great bar -shitty food), or we could get back in the car and drive to The King's Head in Santa Monica. Frankly, flying to London is an easier trip than driving to Santa Monica from Pasadena on a Friday. So, we decided that we would stop making a scene and finally take a seat. How bad can it be ? And, they serve beer for Christ's sake! We ordered a couple of tall Boddington's on draft and two regular orders of fish and chips. We tried not to be distracted by the music that was playing. I think it was just the radio tuned in to K-BIG.

Our meals started with a salad which was surprisingly good and when our fish and chips arrived, we were pleased. It was quite good. I drenched the fries in malt vinegar and savoured the tasty deep fried cod. delicious. So healthy too (ha!). If only we could have THIS food at Lucky Baldwin's, I'd be there every Friday. Not sure I would make the journey to Brits again. The atmosphere is not very fun and I'm also trying to cut down on my fried foods.


At 2:08 PM, Anonymous dinghar said...

Thanks for the heads up... I can't figure out where their contact details are, because I checked online for "fish & chips" and they never came up... so we'll try it out. Cheers!

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Worst service we have had in 20 years! Water glasses were not changed from revious setting, they did not give us water until after our meal was served, would not bring lemon for the fish & chips, did not ask about how the meal was until they brought the bill. The waitress got a 24 cent tip. Do not eat at this establishment under any conditions


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