Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cafe Atlantic

After years of eating the pig slop they call Cuban food at Versailles, my expectations weren't very high for Pasadena's Cafe Atlantic. But, as soon I saw the food, I was surprised at how fresh and well prepared everything appeared.

As we were seated, I ordered a Watermelon Martini which looked kinda girly, but it tasted refreshing and it primed me for my avocado salad which was tangy and delicious. I had the sauteed steak marinated and topped with onions served with a side of plaintains, rice and beans. I'm always doggin' the rice and beans in restaurants, but they were GOOD here and the portions weren't absurdly large either.

Cafe Atlantic is the cheaper, cafe version of the more high end Xiomara. I am convinced that the food at Xiomara must be spectacular, as Cafe Atlantic was one of the best Cuban/Latin American restaurants I've been to in a long time. ¬°Fidel, mirada en mis pl√°tanos dulces!


At 11:40 AM, Anonymous tokyoastrogirl said...

I LOVE this place- I've been three times in the last month. The lobster empanadas are a must and the ambience is great. I'd like to hire the interior decorator of that place to do mine. I haven't tried the entrees since I love ordering a bunch of appetizers since little bites leave more room in the mouth for wine.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger DK said...

I agree. When we ate there, we couldn't decide on which starters to have, as they all looked so fantastic. We'll be going back again for sure.

At 11:16 PM, Anonymous jason fields said...

they recently moved around the corner into an alley wy, and replaced the larger rest. with a new one.... i used ot eat there alot for lunch.. and went there the other day and theywere gone. my friend said they moved... i was super bummed at first...


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