Monday, September 05, 2005

Pat and Lorraine's

I had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. This morning I woke up face down, cradling a bottle of scotch in someone's back garden. After stumbling over a fence to find my car, I was chased and then attacked by a Jack Russell Terrier named Bono. When you're feeling as bad as I was this morning, the only medication I need is a greasy plate of eggs from Pat and Lorraine's.

I was already feeling better as I grabbed a seat at the counter. I chose not to keep my sunglasses on, however you can certainly get away with that kind of 'dickhead' attitude here. The crowd at Pat and Lorraine's is a hodgepodge of Oxy College kids, working class folks, church groups, large families, hipster couples and the occasional derelict, which in today's case, is probably me as I was hunched over, nursing a tomato juice and wearing a t-shirt covered in grass stains.

I ordered the eggs over easy with a side of bacon. There's none of that fancy-schmancy, apple wood smoked nonsense here. Just a pile of wet, fatty bacon probably cooked in the same grease as last night's fish special. Sometimes three aspirin and a tomato juice just don't do the trick. You gotta have a plate of greasy fried stuff to get you back to normal. If I wasn't hung over, I would say the food here is nothing to write home about. it's cheap and what you would expect from a local, neighborhood coffee shop.

By the way, the opening scene from Reservoir Dogs was filmed here and I can't understand why there isn't a commemorative plaque on the wall with behind-the-scenes photos of Quentin and the gang. Perhaps, the owners of this place aren't too proud of the colorful debate about the meaning of Madonna's "Like A Virgin". I should ask them sometime when I'm not so hung over.


At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Janice said...

I enjoy reading your reviews -- I'm an Oxy grad from waaaay back and have lived in the area (ranging from Pasadena to Eagle Rock to Hollywood to West Hollywood) ever since.

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Pat and Lorraines. Their Chilequiles are really good, (although my mama made them with a red sauce and their version is soething she calls megitas)but a warning if you can't take chile heat let them know!
I was raised in Eagle Rock and am proud that this no frills no need to have all the attetion place is still around. How cool can u be when you are only open until 2:30!


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