Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cliff's Edge

It was such a nice, warm day today. My wife and I wanted to have dinner where we could be sitting outside, so we thought we'd give Cliff's Edge (3626 Sunset Blvd) a try, since we've heard many great things about it.

Finding this restaurant was quite a task. It's literally a doorway in a parking lot next to a 99 cent store (hence the pretty crap picture of me on the sidewalk). But, when you walk through the doorway, you find yourself in the most charming of outdoor settings. The atmoshphere of Cliff's Edge is unparalleled. It's an outdoor deck with trees, bamboo and plush pillows. As we sipped on our wine, we forgot that we were only a hundred feet away from the bustling traffic of Sunset Blvd.

Cliff's Edge serves an agreeable assortment of country Italian dishes. We shared a beet and horseradish salad to start. It was light and delicious. I had the grilled filet of beef, topped with gorgonzola while my wife opted for the pumpkin ravioli in a butter & sage sauce. I adored my dish, but my wife thought the chard, which accompanied her entree, didn't go so well with the ravioli. All in all, Cliff's Edge is the hidden gem of Silverlake. It's a fantastic place to host an event like a birthday party or bridal shower. recommended!


At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah. great for a birthday party. if you're bringing 14 people or less. they refused to host mine... they said flat out that their staff couldn't handle large parties, even with a limited menu.


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