Wednesday, February 21, 2007


There's quite a large Fillipino population in Los Angeles. And there is a sizable population in the Eagle Rock area too. In fact, some leaders of the Fillipino community tried to get a section of Eagle Rock re-named 'Phillipine Village' in 2002. The effort failed, but the community is growing and with that growth, a few Fillipino restaurants have popped up in the area. The one you should try is Alejandros (4126 Verdugo Rd.)

When I first walked into Alejandros, I was a bit put off. The ambiance is unappealing. It feels like the space used to be a medical supply store. The design is pretty downmarket. There's a handful of booths and a makeshift bamboo bar where they concoct some of the most unusual smoothies with fruits like banana, mango, canataloupe and get this...corn. Yes, I ordered the corn smoothie. It was served with a huge Boba straw, so that I can suck up all the corn kernels. It was sweet and creamy. It reminded me of baby food. Ah, those were the days.

I've never tried Fillipino food so I needed a little help from the wait staff. I asked them to get me a bunch of different things. I sampled the Crispy Chicken, the Ginisang Sitaw (sauteed green beans with shrimp and pork) and the Beef Kaldereta, which were big chunks of beef with lots peppers and herbs. The food was good. The staff was friendly and helpful. I definitely want to come back and try some of the more adventurous things on the menu.


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